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When leading global teams is your challenge...and you are given no clear clear mandate...and no certain paththen migrate to PromptPMImprove team communicationImprove EfficiencyAchive resultsKeep the clients happy
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Ten reasons why you should buy PromptPM

While other project management systems focus on Project Managers, PromptPM has specialized features for:-
  • Project Managers
  • Business Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Developers
  • QA Managers
  • Business Users
  • Client Relationship Managers

       PromptPM works as a guardian for business and IT management. PromptPM tools allow development teams to collect the technical details about the project that are immensely helpful in supporting and enhancing the projects year after year.
    Its task management modules let you manage the project specific and non-project specific tasks and the task calendar displays the task schedule in a user friendly manner.
    It has an Issue management module built into it that lets you create issues, assign issues to other resources, manage priorities and report progress over a period of time.
    Its "Time sheet" time management tool integrates with the rest of the application so that the project team can book their time against the specific task or the issue they worked on or the Project meeting they attended instead of booking hours against the project.

    The "Time sheet reviewer" can also review the task, issue, meeting or the other aspects of the work performed to review the effectiveness of the team member.
    PromptPM has a Notification manager that acts like an email inbox for the project related activities so all a user needs to do is check the Notification Inbox to see the progress.
    PromptPM has a comprehensive document management system that allows users to checkout/checkin the project related documents.
    PromptPM has several features that allow your project team to work in a collaborative environment. Project teams can create "Discussion forums" to join forces and the individuals can track their ideas using "Idea Tracker".
    A whole bunch of other features such as "Requirement Tracker", "Communication Tracker", "Request for Review and Approval", "Bug Tracker" and a comprehensive sets of reports make it even more compelling project management tool.
    Moreover, you can enhance the code to build a project management system of your dream.

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